Shakespeare Project week 8/ Drawing Project/Theory/Thoughts on semester so far.


Been continuing to finalize narritive out come. Thinking about using the colours of the English flag for Henry V narritive. Also started to create a secon Narritive from the French side. Going to use the colours of the French fleurdeli flag for this narritive. My style of drawing is working very well as the straight, strong lines have a military feel to them and leaving parts of the characters or envirtoment blank leaves the view thinking.  This project has been very interesting for me as I enjoy creatining narritives and developing my own style for work.

Drawing Project

This week I created 2 collages from old magazin pictures and experimented with the proportions of objects. Then I have done a outline trace of the images. These traces have created very styalized interesting characters. After this I editied the collages on photoshop using Hue/Saturation to add colour to them. Continuing to add to book. The Drawing Project has helped me greatly to try out different methods of creating Graphic design work. I have found it interesting as well, as some of the methods I have not used before. I will try to take what i have learnt into future projects to create very interesting designs. A computer cant do everything!


Wrote a 500 word draft essay and had feed back from Tony. need to contiune to add information and back it up with information from other sources. Aim for around a 1500 word essay for next week. This project has opened my eyes to aspects and history of art that I did not know or understand before. The Essay’s have greatly improved my writting skills and make me think more when creating designs for the other projects.


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