Shakespeare Project week 9/ Drawing Project/Theory/


Finished my style of drawing and colour schemes for narrative designs. The colours of the English (red) flag and French (blue) work well to show who is who in the story. Started to design 2 more narrative pages that follow on from the first. Remember to keep the style the same and use interesting angles.How about designing a front cover for it too????


This week we had to draw 4 A6 sized drawings in a loose/free style and then photocopy them to A3 size. after this I worked into the drawings and scanned them in to develop on pc with halftone colours/filters. This made my style of drawing much different from how I usually draw. Like how you get different results depending on what scale of paper you work on. Could be good to use this method on other projects!


Continued to add to theory to get around 1500 word essay. Have learnt more about what propaganda is and how it has been used in history for different subjects such as wars and 9/11. Will need to do a table with resources and check spelling/ reverencing. When done send a copy to tutors and get feedback.


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