Shakespeare Project week 10/ Drawing Project/Theory/

Shakespeare project

Been tiding up narritive illustrations to look more complete. I am going to try out some type on them to see if it makes them better. Will soon have to start thumbnailing ideas for editorial spreads. I am pleased with my outcomes as the style is very different from what I ussually draw and fits well with the themes of Henry V.

Drawing Project

This week i designed 2 instructional illustrations for how to make scrambled eggs. The simpler the designs the easy they are to understand. Also created A3 instructions for building a model stage set. Been making the stage set which has come out quite well. Used lots of layers of card to make it more 3D as I’m not very good at it. Must take photos of it and use to develop computer based work or drawings from. Try different lights and positions to make interesting photos.


Continued to add to my essay. think its nearly there now just need to check spelling and un-pack some parts more. remember to do double line spacing and use Airal at 12 size. Will need to strart creating my presentation.


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