Shakespeare Project week 12/ Drawing Project/Theory/

Shakespeare Project

Finished my illustrations – 3 in total. Been creating designs for double page spread sheets x2. The designs I have chosen to develop work well as the colours of the first page spread represent the English flag which fits well with Henry V theme. Also I have used Stencil type on one design to give it a milatary feel like my narritive illustrations. The other design has more mass text and uses black and white colour scheme so my illustrations from the Drawing Project fit together well. Using strong bold type helps to show the power and strenght themes of Henry V. Print out before the hand in time so I still have time to do any changes.

Drawing Project

Created my stage box set. This has worked well as I don’t like 3D much. Inspired by my narritive illustrations. Took lots of photos and used the studio to get good shadows using lights. Have been drawing from theses photos using different media and some styles that I had experimented with from the workshops on Tuesdays. Try to use some of these in other project. Think about the composition of the illustrations and try not to use the same media all the time. This project has been very interesting as i have tried out new methods that I had not done before.


Finished my Essay. just a few changes left to do then will send it off through safeasign. Created my presentation on powerpoint and have done 2 presentation with it. The first one I was nervous but the last one I did went well. Only need to move around a bit more. Having this as my marked one. Remember to have essay double lined spaced 12 Airial font and check referencing again to make sure it is alright.


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