Reflective Overview of the Semester and Work(week 13)


This semester I have learnt many new skills in Photoshop, illustrator and InDesign. This has helped me to develop designs in a more interesting way and experiment more within each project. The stage box creation was very different to what I would usually do as I’m not that good at 3D. Try to do some more 3D based experiments when creating ideas. Photography elements have also helped to create much more professional photos and experimental lighting effects. Drawing as been one of my strengths this semester as I have always like drawing/FIne art styles. Also computer work has developed more so I can create better outcomes for projects. My drawing style has also changed/developed as the activities in the workshops have pushed my skills to new places. Drawings don’t need to take ages to create. Sometimes quick small drawings work much more effectively than others. Try to use different media more not just pen and pencil/paint as other materials can create much more interesting outcomes or studies for the projects. Theory work has improved my writing skills and I am getting much more use to referencing where my information has come from. Try to keep improving theory work and use quotes to back up information more from both sides of the story.¬†Overall this semester has greatly improved my skills in many areas and helped me to experiment more with ideas. Try to keep experimenting with different styles and media and keep learning how to do more digital work such as in InDesign and Photoshop. Also keep looking at artists work to help get inspired for future projects.


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