Start of year 2


So far I have created a range of ideas which are a mix of Russian constructivism, Aztec and 1950’s sci-fi film posters. They are work well together has I am taking a shape from the 1950’s poster and mixing it with Russian constructivism methods with Aztec culture. Must keep designing my ideas to get to a point where the design looks very interesting and different from what is already out there. Remember to create also a typography based design and a mix of image/typography designs too. Try out different colour schemes also. Look more at Aztec culture for inspiration.


I have created a range of ideas so far that would be used on self promotion cardsk, character box designs and designs for a book. Might try out some badge designs also. Start to look at potential companies for work and creat my CV to stand out from the crowd. Do some research into this. KEEP DESIGNING IDEAS.


This week we looked at ethnics and plagiarism in graphic design and advertisements. This has helped me to understand how to tell when my designs or essays have used plagiarism and to help notice how my work could be interpreted by the view.



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