Week 2 (mid)


I have kept on designing ideas using aztec and 1950’s film posters as inspiration. So far the ideas are moving into more interesting designs and looking deeper into my chosen areas is helping to create/ develop better ideas. Keep looking at aztec history and 1950’s posters. Start to create typography compositions and mix of type and image together. Try out more colour schemes too as I have not really thought about them.


Created a large range of promotion card ideas and I am using an illustrated letter with spot colours on the front of it. Keep on cropping the design and develop more. Try more spot colours out too. Try drawing the design at larger scale to get movement in it and more texture then shrink down.


This week I ‘ve been looking at cultural Jamming. This is where you take an advert or image that has already been created but change it to basicly say the opposite of what it was intended to say to the viewer. I created about 6 using adverts from healthy living to Apple and cars. This could be good to use in my designs. Create a designs but then try out opposites of it to see what happens. Also start to think about collect reference material for the essay later on.


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