This week I have been looking at Modernism and post modernism. Post modernism is the time we are in now whilst mordernism was up untill the 19th/20th century. We were tasked to created a poster for modernism or post moderism. I looked into the other art movements within modernism and created a poster inspired by tech/machines as this is what artists at the time where using to create designs. Remeber that Post modernism is about looking back at events/art etc and creating a merge between them whilst modernism was about creating somthing new. looking to the furture not back at the past.

T-Shirt project

Created a large range of desings inspiered by Aztec and 1950’s sci-fi film posters. I must now refine my designs and choose which ones work best. Using aztec God meanings has been a great way to create a series of designs that all go with one another. Develop these more by drawing them out in a bigger scale and then going over them in illustrator to have a more graphical feel to them. Also try out some of my image based designs too as we are meant to have a range of designs using type/images and a merge of both.

Self Promotion project

So far I have finalized my promotion card design and created a range of ideas for a flyer/poster. As I have mainly been working on the T-shirt project I must put some time into this project. Refine my designs and get the cards print from moo.co.uk. Try out more ways of self promoting and don’t be afraid to try methods that I have not used before.


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