Week 4


Using Illustrator to refine my t-shirt designs to a professional stand. (My outcomes in other projects have been good but needed more refining so I will push my designs more!) Each of my designs should have a different colour scheme and compositions so they are different but still fit together. Try to complete one design a day but remember this will take time to refine. Spend time doing sketch book work over the weekend as there is some compatible issues with CS4 to CS6. Go in earlier/stay later on Tuesday and Wednesday to get design done.

Professional Project

Look at what makes up a graphic designer and myself and uses these on badge designs so they are not just an illustration. Make a mindmap and great lots of designs. Present them in a bag/box? Also spend some time looking at Illustration agency/companies and collect information on them. Keep on refining card/poster/flyer designs to.


This week we looked deconstructism. Deconstructivsm does not destroy like the word suggests but challenges the meanings and boundries of images/art/words/buildings ect…  Deconstructivism did not follow The Grid but reinvent it saying that you can design however you want to.(put type/images at any angle/back to front..) it had no specigfic look manifesto or clear definition.
Start looking for some of the books suggested to read ready for the essay.


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