Week 6

T-shirt Project

I have greatly refined my 6 T-shirt designs to a much higher standard than before. Each design has a similar style to keep them connected. Using lots of layers with tones of main colour have been a very effective way to give them more depth and stand out from the shirts.May need to go back over them to check there are no gaps/rough edges left on them. Get some T-shirts ready to print designs on for next week and buy some tags to put swing tag design on. I need to start   ideas for my swing tags. Think about colour,shape and what typography to use. Try to keep the same style so the tags fit in with the T-shirts.


I have chosen Does illustration have a genuine role in contemporary commercial visual communication? for my essay. This weekend I need to start collecting resources to work from and make sure that most information comes from books instead of the internet.

Self promotion work

I need to spend more time on this project now that my t-shirt designs are nearly complete. I have finished designing my ideas on paper but now need to complete/refine them on pc. Also design a logo to go with all my work. Keep everything in the same style so they fit together well.


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