Reflection on projects

So far my performance in each project has been very good as I have kept up-to-date with my work and have put in many hours away from college. I am performing well in designing T-shirts, logo,self promotion and theory but I need to collect some more sources for my essay and reasearch into swing tag design/editorial spreads and logo/branding companies. I have a couple of books to buy for theory which will greatly help in writing my essay. After discussing photo shoot location I have thought about going to the science museum at London to take photos as there is electrical spheres which would be good for my storm god design, planets/natural disaster for flame, sun-god and rain/water designs, Wind machines/u for wind god. Next weekend I will go there and try theses photos out with a couple of mates as its half term at the moment so it will be VERY busy there.
I think my T-shirts  would be aimed at 18-35 year group. and Mainly for men but they could work for women too. Change god to goddess on shirts?

T-Shirt project

This week I have finished printing my designs on T-shirts and must now start to design and reasearch more into Swing Tags and editorial page spreads. Also don’t forget to annotate a page I forgot to in the first sketch book. Keep the pass up as my designs and ideas are working very well. Draw out/mind map ideas for photo-shoot and I have an idea of how to go about it.

Self Promotion

So far I have refined some of my designs for badges/posters/logo and promotion card. Now I need to refine them more and get them printed. Spend some more time on this now that the t-shirts have been printed as I have not spent as much time on this project as the T-shirt designs. Also I need to research some more designers works and look into branding/logo design. Not just illustration companies as my logo/branding designs have improved greatly so far this year.


I have change my essay question slightly so now it reads: In the digital age does hand rendered illustration have a genuine role in contempoary commercial visual communication? This will make it easier to write and find both sides of the arguement. look for some more resources this week end and finalize my essay structure ready for next week so I can start to write my intro and get underway.


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