Week 8-9

T-shirt project

I have finished creating my logo and tags for T-shirts. The design has the feel of all the T-shirt logos put together and Natures Fury relates to the weather and aztec gods power. Also taken 4 photos so far for book. 3 are female T-shirts that i have designed using original ones for example I change rain god to Rain Goddess, whichc works and looks effective. I will need to keep taking photos for this project and start planning page spread layouts. Aslo keep researching more into editorial page spreads and logos, and edit photos. An idea so far is to creat the book a bit like a comic book as the styles of T-shirt are a bit comic book heroish. work over and in the background of the photos with half tone and illustrative backgrounds?

Self promotion

I have so far got a self promotion card, 2 packs of stickers, 2 t-shirts, a couple of poster ideas and badges. I have been developing my poster designs more and think I will mainly use typography for them. Keep using the same style so everything fits together well. Will need to take photos of T-shirts- use a plain background so I can add an illustrative effect in the backgrounds. Also I should look at more artists work.


I have got 888 words so far and recived feedback on it. I need 2000ish words for next week. Keep looking for some more research and expanded on the aura of art in essay.


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