Week 10

T-shirt project

I have now taken 6 out of 9 photos for my t-shirts. Theses have come out well but try to use different distances (closeup/far away) with my other photos to get a mixture. My idea has been to draw around the model with abstract shapes taken from the design on the t-shirt. So far this looks very effect. Think about whether to keep the photo background in or use a coloured background instead. Also been thumbnail more ideas for my book-comic book style inspired could be very effective and different as my designs have a comic book style to them. Take a dramatic pic/pose for front cover.

Self promotion project

I have manly been working on this project this week. My photo shoots of t-shirts and badges have worked very well and by illustrating parts of them they have a very effective, eye catching feel to them. Now need to experiment with some more poster ideas using theses photos. Add type to them? Also I am going to need to storyboard ideas for a self promotion animation-what will it tell the viewer,how long should it be and what style? stick in research collected on more practitioners.


Now i need to try to get to the full word count of 2500 word for next tuesday. Need to add a bit more and check over some of my wording.



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