week 11-12

T-shirt project

All of my photos have now been edited and an abstract background has been added to each one using the shapes from shirt designs. They have worked very effectively and have a unique feel to them. I have thumbnail ideas for page spreads and have now nearly completed the designs. Watch out that some of them don’t get overly complex and use thinner lines on work as it makes the pages look more elegant. The text should be about what inspired each t-shirt, a history about each of the Aztec gods and words that describe their meanings. Dont over fill each page too much leave empty space so there is a contrast from page to page. Once this is done I will need to print a dummy version ready for the tutors to see for the assessments. Every other aspect of this project has been completed. One thing that I could do better is look at some more designers works.

Self promotion project

I have been storyboarding some ideas for an illustrative stop motion animation. Theses are now complete and need only to create the final outcome. Badges, stickers, self promotion card, posters are all done. So I need to create cv design and animation. Also keep looking at designers/companies more in sketch book. spend time over the next few weeks completing these tasks.


My essay has now been completed and the havard referncing is all correct. Remember to submit to safe assign before handing in 2 essays printed with my book. (put into plastic sleeves) This will need t o be ready for Thursday, Friday at the latest as that the hand in date.



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