Greeting Card project 2-3

For the past 2 weeks I have been drawing a large range of designs for mother’s day, birthday, valentine day and christmas cards. Been experimenting with borders/shapes/colour schemes as well. I have now choosen my favourite designs for each theme and now started to trace over them in Illustrator. This makes the lines much more refined and clean but helps to keep a hand drawn feel to the designs still.

The next steps will be to try some more colour schemes and tweak the composition of typography to see what works and look the most effective. Add crosshatch on Photoshop and colour use Illustrator for composition and tracing typography. Need to research into all the different sizes a card could be and choose a scale shape for my 4 designs. After this I also need to create a logo for the range of cards.

By next week aim to have all the designs traced in Illustrator and have examples of colour schemes that could be used with them.


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