Greeting Card YNC Project

Week 4

The greeting card designs have now all been traced and refined in Illustrator to a good standard. Before moving into Photoshop check all the lines are smooth enough. Start to draw lots of rough ideas for a logo to go on cards and also trace and refine it before trying some colour schemes. Start to add more colour to drawings in book as well. Keep on researching into different areas that are involved in greeting card designs too.

Once this is done i will need to add a crosshatching effect using the paint or pencil tool on photoshop. Make sure there is plenty of time to spend on this as this will take the longest to complete. Use a graphics tablet to help speed it up.

Week 5

I have now completed 3 out of my 4 card designs with crosshatching added to them. Finish the last design before adding colour and maybe some tones and under shadows to help type to stand out from the page. My logo is now taking shape, the range will be called RetroHatch in as they all have a comic retro feel with crosshatching textures in/on the 3D layers.

Print out lots of alternative colour schemes but try to stick to using 2 colours as more then this takes over the design and typography. Use InDesign to layout how the card would be printed/inside and back of card designs will look like.

Week 6

Card design colour schemes are now nearing completion. Each card has its own character with strong, bright colours that consist of 2 colours and 2 tones of them. Remember to start considering the size and shape of each of the cards and what colour the envelops would be. Now I need to experiment with the final colour for my logo design and experiment with card shapes and paper.

Have all the colour schemes and textures done by next week so I can spend time on the presentation boards and layouts. Look at the projects requirements too.

Week 7

All my card designs are now complete and my logo too. Now I have been concentrating on creating loads of presentation board compositions. By Sunday I am to have the boards completed ready for 1 on 1’s Tuesday. Add the greeting card company logo to back of card as well as my card range logo.

Do not over complicate the boards as they need to be effective and eyecatching not a mass of designs!


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