Live Project

During the past week we have been tasked with designing and coming up with ideas for Fox’s biscuits. The theme is Halloween. This project has been challenging as working in a group one needs to be organised and keep on top of work.

We have been developing hand rendered typography using a thick black outline inspired by halloween poster we researched. However before this we mind mapped our ideas and looked into the history and meaning of halloween. Colour schemes such as orange, purple and grey are usually used for this theme so we have been trying to be more inventive with our designs. Instead of using mascots that Fox’s have already we have created 6 characters based on a fox with halloween items added to them with spooky abstract backgrounds. These have worked well on the final biscuit warpers . Hand rendered type and illustrations are far more interesting than computer based designs.

Now we need to re develop our overall package design by changing the typography to hand drawn and experiment more with colours and shapes. Also add how the biscuits would be made to slides and develop the ghost image for cinnamon scares by the time we come back after easter.


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