Healthy Cooking and eating promotion project (GDPM3)

The aim of this project is to create a range of exciting posters aimed at a target age audience of 12-19 years. Each design shall be typography based with a small part of mass text to promote how to cook and eat healthy. There will be up to 6-8 posters at A3 or A2 scale. information shall be researched from cook books. statistics on eating habits and where people eat and the way food can effect the human body.

This project will prove interesting as cooking is a fundamental skill to learn at a young age. As this influences ones eating habits and how they develop in the future. Healthy eating improves ones life by giving energy, more concentration and a positive outlook. Many people in the target audience may have no knowledge of how to cook and eat in a healthy way as now one can simply buy pre prepared food, which can have a range of fatty unhealthy ingredients within it. A key aim is therefore to establish a campaign which attracts the interest of the target audience whilst instantaneously informing them.

First of all I looked into statistics and the nutritional benefits of healthy food. This inspired me to create a range of typographical designs that promote certain food such as nuts and fresh quick cooking as well. However before this I created a range of illustrations showing aspects of each food in the design. These had a comical feel to them. Experimented with using illustrations with some typography but this took away the impact of the illustrations and typography. The type looks more outstanding by it self.

Colour scheme is an important part of the overall designs as they need to be eye catching and easy to read from any distance. Black outlines have been used to create striking abstract backgrounds to go with each typography design. Tried also drawing large scale designs on A2 by hand which are very effective and have been the base of most of my designs. Strong bold colours contrast the black well.  Keeping to 1-3 colours in each poster has made the designs look simple but effective.

After creating a range of alternative designs and colour schemes I have now chosen 7 designs which work well. The addition of some mass type promoting healthy food or aspects of them have now been placed within a black circle that merges into the black background of each typographical background. Each design shall be printed A3 size and then presented in a portfolio box/folder. Remember to check the resolution of each design and have exported them to PDFs ready to print. Also show final designs in sketch books and present work in a professional mana.

This project has helped to develop my typography and layout skills. During this project I have been experimenting with a range of drawing styles and materials some of the designs did not work very well. However once my ideas were developed further, striking typographical imagery began to appear  . Colour was added within photoshop have help develop my digital software skills as well.

eat fresh eat healthy layout ideas2 enjoy healthy cooking enjoy life fishforthoughtlayoutideajljlhujiljl fresh quick cooking4 gyivgkvgk nuts layoutcircle type2


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