During this year I have greatly developed my skills in all of the main adobe software which include Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign and now feel more comfortable using these. Illustration skills have also developed more as now I am more experimental with designs and different styles. Another area which I have improved on are my typography design. Creating own type faces has been an interesting and creative journey throughout the year. I have come to realise that my hand rendered designs have far greater impact than the digital ones. Using a greater range of materials and media whilst creating by hand has helped change/develop my style and improve the refinement of the lines. Also adding illustrative elements to type faces that I have created give each letter character and a life of it’s own

Skills in illustration design has also improved as now by investing in a graphics tablet I can refine my work whilst keeping the aura the designer in it. Drawing at different scales has also been an interesting, as this give me more freedom, such as to draw longer flowing lines in typography and have much more movement in them. Keep on developing this skill for future use.

Presentation skills have been improved greatly this year. Now I have more confidents in talking about my work and get less nervous. Practising before the final presentation as helped greatly. This skill will be developed further semesters and I aim to improve in this area.

For some of the projects I have used the same methods which can be seen as a negative as this makes some of my designs look similar in style (Staying on one level). Also I could have developed some of my designs even further instead of stopping. These factors I shall take into consideration for projects later in the year.

Throughout each project this year I have used a mix of traditional and digital methods to create exciting typographical designs. My hand rendered designs are far more professional now and I have far greater knowledge of layouts and space in each design. However, I still need to become more computer literate with software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Over the summer break I shall add my work to other sites as well as Society6 to promote work in other places. Also start to plan out work for next semester.


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