Proposal work

quote sectionMy project proposal has now been virtual completed just some refinement needed. I have started to create my visual proposal in the form of an animation with a voice over. The images and type will fit with the voice over to create a compelling interesting animation. It will be no more than 10 mins long.  I have chosen to use an illustrative style whilst using pre made fonts. Experimented on storyboards first to get a sense of progression and to know what comes next in the animation. Aim to have this completed by next Tuesday at the latest. Will write out a script for voice over then record ready for use within my animation.


This project will consider meaningful, philosophical quotes from a range of historical philosophers based in Rome, Greece and Japan that include; Marcus Aurelius, ‘look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up, if thou wilt ever dig’ (Hagopian, 2008, p5) Alexander the Great, ‘I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion’ (Hagopian, 2008, p2) Aristotle Claudius and Confucius. (Hagopian, 2008) These quotes cover a range of areas from a select group of philosophers such as Confucius, Plato, Gustave Flaubert, which consist of positive and negative outlooks, inspiration, the wisdom and questioning of life. Consideration of different cultures typography such as hieroglyphs of Egypt and Japanese calligraphy has also been undertaken to accompany the narrative. Furthermore, research into graphical novels; manga and western comics have been undertaken which in turn inspire a graphical novel based on the understanding and meanings behind chosen philosophical quotes. This shall be accompanied by typography. Therefore understanding how graphic design is used to communicate a message through work is highly important within the project. Acknowledging how a viewer interprets one’s designs has helped to increase the effectiveness of the messages within the chosen quotes. (Roberts, 2006)

Research Methodology

Research consists mainly of secondary resources from books and websites. Primary research has taken the form of a questionnaire, which has been used to collect information considering how effective type can communicate compared to image only based design, can typography work on a global scale and how does it compare to image based designs. Analysis of the results has helped one deicide the most effectiveness methods of communicating in design. How one translates the meaning of quotes to a viewer is a key factor during this project. ‘Graphic Design is a form of communication and communication is the basis of relationships and understanding of the world’. (Roberts, 2006, p12-13)

Literature Review

Todd Hagopian, (2008) Quote Junkie: Philosophy Edition, The Hagopian Institute LLC – consists of an extensive collection of quotes from philosophers through the history of Greece, Rome, and Japan such as Plato ‘We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light’,(Hagopian, 2008, p 1) Gustave Flaubert, ‘ I believe that if one always looked at the skies, one would end up with wings’ (Hagopian, 2008, p3), Epictcus, ‘If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid’ (Hagopian, 2008, p4),  and Lao Tzu,‘The softest things in the world overcome the hardest things in the world’. (Hagopian, 2008, p6) These have informed and developed visual ideas throughout the project.

Todd Hagopian, (2008)Quote Junkie: Greek And Roman Edition: An Interesting Collection Of Quotes From The Greatest Greek And Roman Philosophers And Leader,The Hagopian Institute LLC – Deals further with historical quotes from Greek and Roman leaders, philosophers and generals as covered above. This collection will help develop a visual language and narrative based designs on quotes from other philosophers such as Alexander the Great, Antishenes and Claudius. ‘Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it’. (Claudius, Hagopian, 2008, p12)

Steven Heller and Lita Talarico, (2011) Typography Sketch Books, Thames and Hudson – Explores the research process in typographic design, how type works with images and to explore the process of creating  dramatic typefaces which could be used in a graphic form.

Jonathan Baldwin and Lucienne Roberts (2006) Visual Communication, AVA publishing – Provides an in depth look at how typography is used in graphic design to communicate to the viewer. Therefore this will potentially help one communicate the meaning of chosen quotes to the viewer in a far moreeffective visualmanner.

Joyce, (2003) Colour Meanings, [online] Available at [Accessed on17th September 2013] – Colour is a key aspect of design. Understanding the meanings of different colours will help one to portray the feeling of chosen philosophical quotes more effectively to the viewer. For example blue is a relaxing colour, which shows friendship and relaxes the mind.

Paul Gravett, (2004) Manga 60 years of Japanese comics, Laurence kings publishers – To research into the Eastern comic book styles and a brief history of how manga has developed and changed. Manga is a form of a graphical novel which is now popular across many cultures. (Gravett, 2004) Therefore exploration of different cultural novels illustrative methods inspires creativity within the project.

Jon B. Cooke, (2005)Comic Book Artist Collection Volume 2, TwoMorrows Publishing – examples of narrative layouts, Western graphical novel design and artists in areas such as Marvel and DC. Consideration of this helps one to explore different layouts for use in an illustrative narrative design and the merging of western and eastern narratives illustrations.

David Crow, (2010) Visible signs, Thames & Hudson – This will help one to understand how semiotics work, how an image communicates a message to the viewer, the building blocks of a sign or in terms of type and how a simple design can become more effective than a complex one. Therefore this relates back to the development of typography and how it portrays a message in a simple yet effective form.

Goodreads, (2013) Marcus Aurelius Quotes, [online] Available at [Accessed on 27th September 2013] – Collection and exploration of  a large range of Marcus Aurelius quotes which one may then use to develop designs These quotes are mainly cover a positive outlook and lifestyle.

Ethical Issues

Ethical Issues may arise when one uses quotes of a religious nature. Need to respect how this could offend a viewer of a particular religious belief.

Next Steps

Continue to research in depth each area outlined earlier and refine searches of them to become able to choose a path to develop. There will be exploration of new methods and media to use within the project to create meaningful outcomes such as collage, to create an illustrative narrative, which have not been used mainly before. Also continue to collect more quotes with different meanings from a selection of philosophers and mind map words relevant to one theme to help think outside the box.


Therefore this project will be worthwhile, as one will be exploring how  philosophical quotes can be portrayed in a narrative form. Exploration of different media shall also be highly important as one will aim to develop skills in areas, which have not been explored in depth before, such as collage and animation.

Theory Proposal

This proposal has also nearly been completed just needs some refinement in areas.  I will follow my 5 point plan and continue reading research collected ready to start my essay. Once my visual project proposal is complete i will start on this.

To do:

Keep on creating animation

Refine written proposals

Voice over

Start essay

Continue reading


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