Semester Refelction

During this semesters practical projects I have greatly increased my depth of research in my chosen area for my final major project. Philosophical quotes have a great range of depth and meaning to them which I will use to create highly thoughtful creative illustrations. These will be joined together to create a graphic novel. The animation I created as my visual proposal has helped improve my animation skills vastly. I chose to create a voice over to accompany it as my presentation skills have become better but I wished to portray all aspects of my project in a clear professional way. I will mind map and script out what will happen in each section of my graphic novel even before deciding on a visual method. As a foundation to the story needs to be in place before creation of it begins.

Theory work has also greatly improved as I have no researched in a much more professional way. My vocabulary has increased and I have backed up everything with quotes that correspond to the sentence before. I feel that  I have developed  my writing skills greatly within this essay and proposal. Please see my other posts for proposals and link to my animation.


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