Major Project Interim Crit (18/02/14)

Conceptual and Thematic direction of the project

Research undertaken to date has been made of a large range of illustrative and typographical styles. Theses have helped inform me to create and experiment a range out alternative designs for my graphic novel ideas. One main alternative approach brought up during the crit  was to explore collaging more and then trace over or even mix this with my illustrative style. Furthermore we also discussed how the illustrations (characters) could evolve and merge/work together with typography in a more exciting manner. Therefore I will also undertake a indepth experimentation on how they could work together or if one will become more important than the other. Post cards A5 size was also an idea which I could sell or give out at the exhibition as my typographic forms work well by themselves too.


  • To explore collage in much more depth and to trace over them to see what interesting shapes or even characters are created from them.
  • To develop how my characters could be made up of typography or start off as an illustration and then become typographic.
  • Draw other philosophers out 8-10.
  • Try designing quotes on A5 paper for postcards


The stylistic approach at this stage is a highly illustrative hand rendered approach. I will be exploring other methods for creating characters in collage design during the rest of this week to be completed by Monday at the latest. Illustrations have a great style which has been reseached from Illustration Now books and artists.

Project aimed at:

This project could be aimed at children with its character styling. However it could also be seen as being aimed at all ages as so far the illustrations are childish but the meaning and messages in the quotes are much more adult/18+ orientated. I will need to decide who I am aiming the project at in the upcoming weeks.


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