Refinement of experimentations and ideas

During this week I have continued to experiment in ways of creating typography and illustration for my graphic book/novel idea. The book will consist of compositions showing typography and images of each philosopher. I need to decide on a style and how I will present work by the end of the weekend. Also i must consider how the book will be organised and what it will consist of.

As you can see below I have started to use cultural typographic references to create heading and type based on each philosopher. This style is working extremely well. Illustration style has also developed. Using part of an image as the base I have traced around it and added the characters to them. I will need to take a large collection of reference photos to be read for use in constructing the compositions.

IMG_0005 (2) IMG_0007 (2) IMG_0004 (2) IMG (2) IMG_0001 (2) IMG_0002 (2) IMG_0006 (2) IMG_0003 (2)



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