Story Ideas

I have no wrote out a short story for each quote based on positive thoughts,negative thoughts and life styles by philosophers. My book will consist of 8 philosophers 4 historical and 4 modern ones. Each one’s quotes will have a typographic composition and a narrative to visually show the message and meaning. I will try to compose the illustration into a narrative without the use of the traditional boxes/shapes which separate each part. So they become more of a collection of typographic and illustrative forms.

By next week I want to have taken photos for reference when drawing philosophers in the narratives, wrote out all quotes stories, got photos of all philosophers and deicide on a colour code scheme for the contents page and so on.

Below you can see how I have used post it notes to create each short narrative. DSCF6523 DSCF6524 DSCF6525 DSCF6526 DSCF6527 DSCF6528 DSCF6529 DSCF6522 DSCF6531 DSCF6530


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