Typography compositions

I have now nearly finished illustrating 45+ typographic compositions for my book. I may go back and develop a couple more which I don’t think work as well as they could. After they are all done I will need to start on my Illustrative compositions based on the quotes. Each philosopher will be the characters and either a landscape or typography will accompany them to create an interesting back ground.

Outside college I will scan in all my typographic compositions and refine and add spot colours to each one. I also need to design a front cover and title page/contents page for the book too. Aim to have all illustrative compositions done by the end of EasterDSCF6647 DSCF6648 DSCF6649 DSCF6650 DSCF6651 DSCF6653 break.Intern Crit:  We discussed how the typographic compositions work and how to develop them further. One thing mention was to start to add colour which is of high importance. Also I need to start developing my character designs ready to experiment with. finally we also talked about merging typographic forms with the illustrative designs so that they create interesting alternative designs.

All work well be presented as poster for the deadline then I will create the book within the Professional practice project.



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