Major Project Evaluation (GDPM4)

Major Project Evaluation

During this project I have researched in great depth the meanings and effects positive philosophical quotes have. The research I have undertaken was done professionally and in great depth. However one aspect of the research which could have been slightly stronger was researching into other designers work.

The methods which I have used to create my outcomes where highly effective. All character designs started from a single idea/ sketch of one of the philosophers. Although I experimented with a wide range of illustrative styles before choosing. An element which I could have experimented in further during this phase of the project would be the experimentation of colour schemes. As this was experimented with later in a later phase. Creating the typographic and illustrative designs by hand drawing them gives each design a human aura or feel. This gives each design great flow and feeling. My Photoshop skills have improved during development of typographic compositions and character designs.

I presented my designs to a small group of people of vastly different age ranges to see how effective they would work. However I could have shown them to a large group to get a more precise measure of how the designs work.

The final outcomes work well. There is a range of 50+ typographic posters, (6 to each of the 8 philosophers) and 15+ typographic plus character compositions. I am now developing the designs to fit within a book. The book will be made ready for our exhibitions. Inside will be all the philosophical quotes and characters plus information on each philosopher and the idea/meaning behind the chosen colour schemes. Also I will use some of my experimentations to but at the back of the book or throughout i to show methods and the journey the designs took.

Overall this project has greatly helped to develop my typographic skills further and increased my skills within effective character designing.


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