Rationale for Exhibition Presentation

 Rationale for Exhibition Presentation

Development of work for the exhibitions will consist of a book, postcards, larger scale posters and 3D card characters. These will all be based on the outcomes from GDPM4 Major Project Module.

A book will be created to showcase all 80 typographic and illustrative designs. Each page will be taken into consideration, as it is more alluring to have a mixture of complex full pages as well as simple clean pages within the book. The colour code which was designed during the major project shall be used to distinguish which philosopher goes with which design. Furthermore the colour code shall be depicted at the start of the book in an engaging manner along with a contents page. Also at the end of the book sketches of philosophers and typefaces may add an interesting insight into how the designs were created.

Postcards shall also be made. A collection of 20-30 cards based on outcomes from the major project shall be depicted on them. These could then be sold as individual postcards or in a collection during New Designers. The designs would also let the viewers interact and get a closer look at the designs. Each quote used could have part of it missing to make the viewer think and explore more what each quote means. Furthermore this would make a viewer look closer at other designs to find out the answer.

A collection of typographic and illustrative designs will also be presented as A3-A2 large scale posters and shall be mounted on card. These will be presented on the walls or boards for both exhibitions or even hung. A collection of 8 designs shall be printed in this manner. This in turn will showcase the strongest designs from the major project.

Finally 3D card characters will be created to accompany the posters, postcards and book. The characters will be based on each of the 8 philosophers used within the major project. These could then be presented on a shelf or even next to a poster that uses those philosophers’ quotes. This will help to bring the characters to life more and give the whole presentation of work a more tactile, alive feel. Each philosopher’s character designs could also be shown as well.


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