Draft 2 for cover sheet

This draft is more refined and developed. I will get it checked before sending it to potential employers or even freelance work. The blank spaces will be where I put their name and my signature. I must remember to always create an interesting layout if this is sent via letter. Web and email still need to have a great composition however it does not have to be designed as much.


My name is Stephen Wade and I am a recent BA Hons graphic design graduate from Havering College via OUVS University.

I am writing to ask if you might have an opening for a junior graphic designer who REALLY needs some real work experience in the industry. As a Graphic Design student I have many skills within the discipline.

The areas, which I am most passionate about, are typography and illustration. However I have a diverse range of knowledge and skill within many other areas, which include page spreads, logo design, branding, photography and animation. I’m a creative, hard working and enthusiastic designer. Who is capable of working within a team environment or on an individual basis. I wish to develop my talents as well as getting to know and understanding the commercial side to graphic Design. In addition I also hope to develop my skills within a working studio of likewise creative’s and individuals.

I realise that you probably get many letters (emails) like this, but I would welcome the chance to show you my portfolio, at the very least to gain some professional feedback on my work, at any time that you dictate and I have included my CV for review.




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