Exhibition and Project Reflection

All work has now been put up at Havering College. The overall layout works very well and invites the viewer to explore the book and look at the postcards. Which can be taken away as free items to remeber me by. The posters work well as they show each philosopher and my favourite typographic forms which help introduce what one will find withn my book. I have also included my promotion cards too. These go rather well with the rest of the work for the exhibition. The logo of my project has also been put up in the top left corner of my area. As it is grey it does not intrude the rest of the work too much. However you still notice it. From a distance the work looks very colourful and inviting which is great for an exhibition. Finally the character poster also adds  a bit of humour to the exhibition as some of the illustratration make people smile!

Overall I think the layout of my area with the exhibition works very well. I was going to use the 3D characters but they are not of high enough qualitiy so I have chosen to leave them out.

The project on a whole has greatly helped to develop my typographic forms, illustrative character designing and composition arrangements. Exploration of different colour schemes has also helped me to explore new ways of merging colours together. The book which i have made has developed my Indesign skills further and I now feel much more comfortable using this software. Although the 3D characters are not being used as they need more refinment, I belive it has helped me improve my 3d skills as I find this area of design very difficult. I have also grown more confident in a range of software and now know which areas of graphic design to look at for internships and jobs in the close future!

Below you can see how the exhibition looks and the items used within it. Also you can see the stamp profile picture of me which relates back to the overall exhibition theme which is based on the post office. Although it does not look like me so much now as I have more beard!

DSCF6940 DSCF6941 DSCF6942 DSCF6943 DSCF6931 DSCF6932 DSCF6933 DSCF6934 DSCF6935 DSCF6936 DSCF6937 DSCF6938 DSCF6939WADEsteve



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