How to write a cover sheet

One of my Tutors, Dave handily help out with writing a cover sheet to help improve my earlier draft. This plan really helps when writing one!

Dear….(find out name by ringing the company and asking the switchboard the name of the art director)


My name is ?????????????????????????? and I am a recent BA Hons graphics graduate from Havering College via OUVS university.

I am writing to ask if it is possible if you might have an opening for a junior graphic designer who REALLY needs some real work experience in the industry.

I’m a creative, hardworking and enthusiastic designer with all the required knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, and capable of working within a team environment or on an individual basis.

I realise that you probably get many letters (emails ) like this, but I would welcome the chance to show you my portfolio, at the very least to gain some professional feedback on my work, at any time that you dictate and I enclose my formal CV for your peexaminatin

I really look forward to hearing from you








You really need to ensure that your letter and CV are BEAUTIFULLY designed in typographic terms ……


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