Started to fill a sketch book up with lots of different inspiration quotes. Each quote will have a different type face and style. Finally got some awesome pens too! I think the crosshatching around the type works well and the flow of the type too. I chose to put ‘master’ and ‘piece’ on separate lines as it helps to balance out the design much more effectively than both on one line.

This design can be bought from here: http://society6.com/stevewade/make-each-day-your-master-piece_print#1=4513207294_6644169-caseiphone4_l 13207313_15403538-clkfwhw_b 13207316_4322448-plwfr2_l 13207344_9951755-tnkw110_b 13207344_9951755-tsrmw120_l 13207344_9951755-tsrmw121_l 13207344_9951755-tsrmw126_l 13207344_9951755-tsrww121_b DSCF7293


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