Vector work landscape designs 4-5

I have been creating a abstract vector landscape on Illustrator. This landscape works well as the positioning of each element compliments each other. The 3 colour schemes add an other world alien feel to the designs. I think I will make some more of these as they are a great way to practice composition positioning and it is different to what I would naturally do!

Avalilbe to buy here:

16688434_7634080-plwfr2_l 16688428_9963886-caseiphone4_l 16688422_13001667-mugs11f_l 16688361_10870887-bagtote16_pm 16688367_12606416-rg23_l 16688361_10870887-plwfr2_l 16688355_8280000-tsrmw118_l 16688351_6480044-caseiphone4_l 16688341_10306286-mugs11l_l 16688341_10306286-mugs11f_l 16688436_5088605-tsrmw118_l


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